Monday, April 20, 2009

Dan, Dan the Fire-man

I don't believe I've mentioned that Dan joined the volunteer fire department here in Cokeville. In a town with only 500 people, the fire department is staffed strictly by volunteers. Dan has become quite the community man, going to the town council meetings and being on the town economic steering committee. When he found out that the fire department was low on volunteers, he signed up. He has training on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. He has participated in one training exercise where they burned down an old trailer just two doors down the street from us. Unfortunately, I was out of town so I don't have any pictures.

Well, Dan just got his first call to a fire at 10:00 tonight. It's a brush fire out on Highway 30 north of town. And dadgummit, it would have to happen at night when the kids are in bed so I can't go take any pictures. I plan to get a picture of Dan all dressed up in his full gear, but for now this will have to suffice.

How do you think Dan would look with a mustache? Or, for that matter, big bushy eyebrows? I'm sure I'll have the chance to find out on the latter in 30 years or so.

Good luck, Bin! I'm proud of you!

Li'l Blue Eyes

I have so much blogging to catch up on: pictures of Easter, our trip to Rock Springs to visit my sister Becky's family, spring babies on the ranch, updates on each of the kids, etc. But I'm overwhelmed with trying to keep up with housework, feeling guilt and stress over still incomplete photo orders, and spending more time outside now that the weather is improving (this is not a bad thing, it just keeps me from getting the two previous things done.) I'm trying to get back into exercising and I'm starting again on the FlyLady's program to get my house in order. All of this activity leaves little time for blogging.

So I thought I would just post a few quick photos of my blue-eyed cutie. Mack's eyes started getting more saturated in color and changing from the muddy, nondescript blue color of a newborn to a bright beautiful blue like his Daddy's at around 2 1/2 months. He's 3 1/2 months now and loves to suck on his hands, grab at things, stick out his lizard tongue and smile 'til his little cheeks nearly pop!

Love my baby! (Photos taken March 30, 2008).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Savior's Solitary Journey

Today is the greatest of all holidays, the day we remember and honor our Savior Jesus Christ and the miracle of resurrection that He made possible for all of us, saint and sinner alike.

Elder Holland's talk from General Conference last week very eloquently details Christ's atonement. I add a resounding "amen" to Elder Holland's testimony.