Monday, November 15, 2010

Cokeville takes State!

For Dan...

Smell My Feet

Dan has been after me for awhile to get some pictures of the kids posted, so I'll start with Halloween.
Lily is really into Nancy Drew books, so originally that's what she was going to be for Halloween. I searched online and it said to just wear a plaid skirt and cardigan, but that's more the style of the recent movie than the actual books. The pictures on the book covers have Nancy wearing conservative 1950's dresses:

(this is what we're reading right now, The Ghost of Blackwood Hall)

I searched online for vintage 1950's dresses and all I could find in Lily's size were dress patterns and I did NOT want to sew a dress! We were talking to Dan on Skype one night and he said, "No one's going to know who she is." After some consideration, I asked Lily if she wanted to be a 50's poodle skirt girl, a costume I found while searching for 1950's clothing. Once I showed her the picture she was sold.

Aside from the awesome twirly skirt, Lily's favorite part of the costume was the cat eye glasses.

Amelia had her costume picked out ages before Halloween. While Dan was at mud school in Houston, home of NASA, he got Amelia a complete astronaut outfit. She was totally in love with it and for weeks before Halloween she went around telling everyone that she was going to be an astronaut.

Because we'd spent quite a bit on the girls' costumes, we opted for a freebie hand-me-down for Mack. We raided our friend Karla's large dress-up stash and Mack was happy as could be in his little lion costume, complete with his own blond curl peeking out the front.

We carved pumpkins with our friends the Toomers a few days before Halloween (that's Kallianne and Karla in the top left.)

I made the mistake of looking up templates online so we'd have something easy to trace. Then the girls saw the dog templates on Better Homes and Gardens' website and I got roped into doing two very intricate designs. Turned out cute, though, huh?

We headed out to trick-or-treat before dark so I could get some pictures and Mack could actually see what was going on. They're like the Three Musketeers of Halloween!

Dude, little bags of chips? A little salty to balance out all the sweet...Genius!

Our friend Katie (Brian's sister) had a scarecrow hanging by her front door. Mack wasn't too sure he wanted to walk past that thing.

Then he realized it was just pretend and thought it was a pretty cool guy.

Please try to ignore the purple girly hand-me-down boots. Mack just got some cool ones from his cousin Alexander this weekend, so the boy police won't be after him anymore.

Mack was totally diggin' on all the candy. He even mastered saying, "Tandy!"

Hands down, this is the coolest front porch in Cokeville:

Who doesn't want a giant cowboy boot outside their front window?

Lily was such a sweetheart, helping Mack walk up to all the doors and get his candy.

Amelia had a little trouble getting her helmet to stay on (here she is at her preschool Halloween party with the thing falling back on her face!)

But it sure came in handy when it started to rain!

We had a great night trick-or-treating, despite the rain. We walked around our corner of town for about 30 minutes, then we took the car and went to other parts of town. We finally got rained out and headed home to check out the loot.

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!