Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mystery Baby

Very early in my pregnancy, Lily wanted to know if our baby was a boy or a girl. I told her it would be a few months until we found out and for now it was a mystery. After that, Lily began referring to him/her as Mystery Baby. She loves to kiss and pat my belly and say, "Good Morning, Mystery Baby!" each day. She loves to look at the widgets on the blog and click on the bottom one to read about how our baby is growing each week. Amelia is, of course, oblivious.

This is a picture of a fetus at 14 weeks, so we're just a bit further. It's finally starting to look more like a human than an alien! Did you know that the baby keeps it's eyes closed until about 7 months? Not that there'd be anything to see in the dark, but I thought that was interesting. Mystery Baby is about 4 1/2 inches long and starting to grow hair all over it's body. I'm starting to look pregnant, instead of like I just ate too much ice cream. I've only gained one pound, although I did have a 10 pound head start with this pregnancy over the other two. I'm hoping to not turn into a total heifer.

Some people come up with a name for their babies very early, but we're just not that type. It's too much trouble to worry about until the birth is imminent, like 8 months along. If you recall, we chose Amelia's name while surfing the internet in the labor room. Not a moment too soon!

Our ultrasound is scheduled for August 7th, so just 3 more weeks and we'll have to come up with a different nickname than Mystery Baby.


Hil said...

I like the sound of "Mystery Baby." It's better than what we used to call Jillian when she was still on the inside... 'Chumsie'. Then after she was born we called her 'Booper'. If I really want to get a rise out of her I'll call her Booper now... She hates it! Ha!

Pilch Construction said...

Very exciting. I know I said girl at first, but now I think boy. But if it's not a boy I'm sure it will be a girl.

Hollyween said...

So cute that she calls it the 'mystery baby'.

Congratulations!! That's so exciting!!!!!

Becky in Wyo said...

Not like it matters, or anything, but I vote boy. Although, if it's a girl, you're going to need to double your Prozac. Holy Monkeys!