Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's no longer a mystery

Praise the Lord, we're havin' a boy!

I've tried not to admit how bad I wanted a boy because I didn't want to get my hopes up or make the poor kid feel bad if she was a girl. But when the ultrasound technician told us it was a boy, I gave Dan a big ol' high five and when the she left the room I let out a big "whoo-hoo!" Dan was like, "Did you really want a boy that bad?" After telling him yes, he was like, "I just assumed it would be another girl." The night before he'd told me that when we were expecting the first time, he wanted a boy. But then we had Lily and Dan figured out the whole girl thing, then continued to perfect it with Amelia. He said, "Now I know what to do with girls, but I don't really know what to do with a boy." He's all paranoid that his body is going to go completely south by the time the kid is Lily's age, and he won't be able to do any fun physical activities with him. Whatever...he'll totally be coaching his Mighty Might football team!

Here are the pictures:

Profile. Dan swears it looks just like Lily, but then again, don't all baby ultrasounds look pretty much the same? The bubbly looking stuff in the background is the umbilical cord.

Showin' the boy parts with pride. Imagine he's sitting on a glass table and you're looking up from the bottom. You can see his pelvis with his legs stretched out towards the top and the important "package" right in the middle. (Honey, I promise this is the one and only time I'll show your penis to the world. I limit myself to cute naked butt cheeks in the future.)

A little foot on the left.

Arm and hand. He's got his thumb stretched out and fingers curled up. I wonder if he's a thumb sucker. If he is, we plan to fully indoctrinate him with the binky the minute he comes out.

Now, don't even bother asking about names. Dan says he'll start discussing it with me around December 15th. For now, we're sticking with Mystery Baby or Mystery Boy. I don't really have any strong opinions, but I imagine we'll choose something traditional and old fashioned since that's what we did with Lily and Amelia.

Here's me, 18 weeks pregnant. I feel so big already, but when I look at this picture I think, "Oh you ain't seen nothin' yet honey. You'll be as big as a house by the time this little boy is ready to come out!"


The Nelson Family said...

Yahoo! I'm so happy for you. You get a little of each flavor - and your kids have got a lot of flavor anyway :) You look great!

Lori Gerten said...

You look really great for 18 weeks!

I'm 23 right now and huge. I"m wondering what I"ll look like (more importantly what I"ll feel like) when I'm 40 weeks. Yikes!!!

At least we still have our cute faces to get us through!!

Hil said...

A boy! Yipee! And you do look fabulous, girl. :)

The Queen Vee said...

One can literally feel your enthusiasm and excitement for this little guy right through the computer. Although little boy Richardson wasn't planned he has now become the very best of surprises. God has a way of blessing us when we least expect it, I'm living proof of that and so are you Sue.

Spymommy said...

Baby boy pictures are super cute! But lets talk about the serious cuteness of the mama here - I think you look absolutely beautiful! You have seriously mastered that pregnancy glow thing and I am so, so jealous! Dan will be a great boy dad and you will be a great boy mom. Love you!

Pilch Construction said...

That is so exciting! I know how much you "secretly" wanted a boy. You look so beautiful in your picture. I try to refrain from saying cheesy things like this, but you are one hot mama! I can't wait to see what Baby Boy Richardson looks like.

P.S. Happy Late Birthday!

Becky in Wyo said...

Let the quilting begin!! I'll make you some "baby burrito" blankies.

You are going to have so much fun with a little boy. More energetic, but less emotional drama than a girl. And they tend to be more logical and respond better to discipline, also a relief, let me tell you!

The Queen Vee said...

Could you send me an email so that I can pull your email address off of it. The Hard Drive in our two year old MAC laptop died. I'm mourning, we bought MACs two years ago so that we wouldn't have this problem, we're computer cursed!

Are you on facebook?