Monday, November 3, 2008

That Naughty Bird wouldn't even wear her costume

Here's the Halloween report.

Amelia was supposed to wear a white doggy costume (a hand-me-down from Lily) but when it came time to get ready, she wanted nothing to do with it. She refused to wear it and only wanted a painted nose like Biggie. Have I mentioned lately how stubborn she is?

Fortunately I had dressed her in Halloween colors that day so at least she looked somewhat festive. And the nose gave her just enough credibility to pass as a trick-or-treater.

Now Lily, on the other hand, has been planning her black kitty costume for a couple of months and was so excited to get all decked out. Originally we'd been looking for one of those thick fuzzy costumes because we'd been told that Halloween is always freezing in Cokeville. Kids' costumes are usually disguised under snowpants and scarves, but we got lucky this year and got away with just a couple layers under a sweatshirt. Good thing because we never did find a fuzzy costume.

Lily loved her fuzzy tail, but personally, I thought it was the cowboy boots that really made the costume.

I don't think that whole career as a makeup artist is going to work out, so I'll keep my day job. Even though Lily has had her big girl teeth for awhile, I still just look at her and can't believe how big she's getting.

"Hi Kitty, how are you?" Carlsons, insert petting kitty paw here...

That's Merle, Brian and Becca's ranch dog, in the background. I'm a big fan of all the ranch dogs around here because the girls can get their doggy fix and then we can go home to our dog-hairless house and I don't have to pick up any poop.

There was a cake walk at the Halloween Carnival at the elementary school. I used to love cake walks as a kid. I would hover over the table, planning which cake I would choose if I won, but usually ended up getting the saddest looking "a 7 year old made this" cake. My mom used to bake cakes for the school cake walks. One year she made a football cake, a green 9x13 field with a football cake set atop Don's football T (boiled first, of course.) Her cakes were always one of the first ones chosen.

When we moved here, Brian's parents Keith and Lynette basically adopted us into their family and treat us like one of their own. The girls love their Grandma Lynette (Brian's mom) and she gets such a kick out of spoiling her grandkids. She made little goody bags for each of her grandkids with candy, popcorn balls, and a jar of play-doh. Amelia thought that was the coolest!

We set out trick-or-treating but I only lasted a couple houses before I gave up and went home. I'd had a long day of walking around and Mystery Boy was protesting, so I went home and laid down while Dan took the girls trick-or-treating. He's decided that next year he's going to rig up a little wagon to the back of the four wheeler and cart the kids around town that way.

The aftermath.

Now, on to Thanksgiving...


The Queen Vee said...

You and Dan make really cute girls. As always the pics are Fab and tell the story beautifully.

Becky in Wyo said...

Bunch of cuties! I can't wait to see you guys on Thursday!