Saturday, January 24, 2009

"I Relly"

It all started when we got out the 2T size hand-me-downs from cousin Faith. Amelia thought the princess nightgown was so cute and she asked to wear her "Rella dress" most nights and often during the day.

When the weather turned cold we began layering it over her fuzzy pj's.

Amelia became obsessed with Cinderella and watched the movie over and over and began dressing up in fancy dresses all the time. Any fancy dress became a "Relly dress".

She got a princess crown for her birthday in September and once the dressing up started, she wanted to wear her "cown" all the time, too.

Grandma Lynette (Brian's mom) got Amelia a new dress for Christmas that had a matching dress for her baby doll. Oh, she loved it! She slept in it on Christmas Eve and wore it all Christmas day.

When the girls stayed with Grammie during Mackay's birth, Grammie bought Amelia a new "Relly nightgown" that gets worn both day and night.

The girl is so obsessed with Cinderella and princesses that she even wears her crown to bed!

Amelia can often be heard declaring, "I Relly!" She figured out how to get some clip-clop dress-up shoes on her feet and these have completed her ensemble.


I love this video because it captures Amelia's personality right now perfectly. Cute one minute, a nasty screamer the next, immediately followed by sugary sweet again. The girl can turn on a dime!


Lois Ann said...

She could probably turn on something even smaller - how well I know. I miss her and must come to visit all of you soon.


Lori Gerten said...

Wow! She is cute. The scary part is it looks like you have a little Grace! We transitioned from the dress up dress every day and night to a . .. um interesting fashion choice every morning. Think layers. . . ones that don't match!

Becky in Wyo said...

That was so fun, cackling at Amelia, when you first showed this video to me. ROFL! She's just so full of personality. It will be a joy watching her develop over the years ...from a distance. Ha, ha, ha! Seriously, though, I have my own drama queen, and I have a feeling Emma might not be that far behind. She's entirely too independent already. Cute, sweet, and happy, yes, very easy to manage, but I've got a feeling...

Sue said...

OK Becky, I had to google ROFL. I'm not up on the lingo. It means "rolling on floor laughing". Dan had a big laugh too when we watched the video.

Lori, the good news is that the wacky outfits will pass, eventually. Lily just barely started getting a fashion clue and can now put together a presentable outfit. But I say just let 'em pick their own clothes (except for church- I'll intervene if it looks hideous). It's not worth the struggle to get them to change. And, as I'm sure you're discovering, it's nice to have one less task to worry about once you have another kid to take care of.

Pilch Construction said...

Oh, how I love little Amelia. And as far as the dressing up is concerned, well, some occasions just call for fancy.

Apis Melliflora said...

We have a princess who wears the same crown! I've linked to your fantastic blog from Kernal Ken's blog. Happy to become a reader and fan!

Brooks said...

Hi Sue, So you've inspired me, I started a blog today. You can be my first visitor, go to & take a look. I like your blog layout. How can I make my blog look as awesome as yours?? Anyway, love reading your blog. FYI this is one of the only times in your life where you can feel good about a messy house. It means your too busy spending time with your children. I wouldn't wish that time away for anything, dishes, laundry, dusting, cleaning & cooking always wait, kids grow up & change too quickly, snuggle up & enjoy that new baby & Amelia's terrific two's world.

Lori Gerten said...

Ok I finally watched the video! That girl is sooooo bipolar!! I love 2 olds!!!

Tobi said...

My own princess has the exact same crown. The heart always falls out of it too! Must be a manufacturing defect.

Amelia is hilarious in that videp. This is what all new parents should watch when they find out they are having a girl!

Sara said...

Oh, how I wish I had a crown like Amelia's... Maybe my boys would treat me like a Princess if I wore it around the house... It's worth a shot!