Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Swimming Hole

We've been in a funk at our house with lingering sickness and the continued frustration of the job search. The cold, dreary days of winter have me longing for summer, so that's what I've been working on for our scrapbook.

I changed the settings so you can click an image and view it larger utilizing the magnifying glass. Hopefully now you can read the text without squinting. :)

Now don't you wish it was summer?


Erin said...

What darling pics of your family Sue! Oh my word- I love them all! The one of your husband holding up your two kids swimming cracked me up. That swimming hole looks like so much fun! A kids' dream spot. :) Makes me want to swim... and scrapbook!

And I have to thank you for the darling cards you sent me. They are hanging up in my kitchen and I smile every time I look at them! You have such a beautiful family Sue. Your smiles make me smile.

Love to you all from San Diego!!

The Nelson Family said...

Nice layouts :) Looks awesome. I wish we had a swimming hole. I wish it was warm enough to go to a swimming hole :) Love you. Cami

Lori said...

Love Dan's muscles! Super hot! I love that you all go to a swimmin hole but don't you EVER EVER think I will swim in there. It's probably just like the lake at Nest Lake and it probably has poisonous snakes in it too! I wish you would get in the photo more!!! Your gorge!