Monday, October 14, 2013

Good Enough

I've been reflecting on myself as a mother lately. Yesterday I bore my testimony at church and felt a strong gratitude for the opportunity to be a mother. So many do not get that opportunity and it is something I take for granted and often lose sight of how precious it is.

After I spoke I thought, "The neighbors must be rolling their eyes." They hear me constantly yelling at Amelia to stop screaming and throwing fits, getting ticked at Lily for not watching the dog closely and having to chase Silver around the neighborhood because she snuck out the back gate, freaking out at Mack when he destroys something or makes yet another mess. From the outside I probably don't look like I'm that grateful to be these three kids' mom.

One of the things I hate very most about Satan is the way he makes us doubt ourselves. It seems like I am constantly disappointed in my efforts as a mother. Too cranky, too inattentive, too messy, too annoyed. When I feel like I am a lousy mother, I try to remember what my therapist has asked me.

"Are you a good enough mother?"

For me, good enough means that my children are safe, their physical needs are met, and they know they are loved. All the other expectations found in parenting books, magazine articles, blogs, outside observation of other mothers, these things are "extra". Yes, I should read more books with my kids, I should teach them more responsibility with chores, I should let them watch less movies, I should teach them to be better housekeepers, I should yell less, I should take less naps, I should spend more one on one time with each of them, etc, etc... There is always room for improvement.

But I am doing good enough.

My kids are safe, they have the things they need (and many things they want), and they know I love them. It's more than many kids in this world have.

{Lily, first day of 6th grade}

{Amelia, first day of 2nd grade}

{Mack, first day of Preschool}


The Dragonfly said...

Yep. Hit that nail right on the head!

Becky in Wyo said...


Anonymous said...

You are more than good enough. I've seen your cakes and your photographs.

Pinspot said...

Ahhh, Sue! Thank you for this beautiful reminder after a tough mothering day!