Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quick Jersey Fix

After doing laundry this week Lily's basketball jersey came out of the dryer with letters peeling off. I thought it might be because it was dried in the dryer, but after consulting the tag and talking to some other moms, it wasn't the dryer's fault. Sometimes the letters will stick together if the jersey is dried too hot, but peeling off is unusual.

I should have gotten a better before picture because all the letters were sticking up, but I didn't think of it until I was almost done.

I tried using a low heat setting on the iron and covering the letters with a thin dishcloth. But it didn't do anything. Then Dan suggested I use some parchment paper.

I turned up the heat (one below cotton) and laid down the parchment paper, applied heat for 10-20 seconds, and Voila! Everything was melted on again.

I told Dan, "Good call on the parchment paper! It totally worked!"

He asked, "Didn't your mom used to do iron-ons for you? You know, the ones that came in the cereal box?"

Nope. I remember my brother having iron-on Star Wars t-shirts, but that's it. Guess I wasn't much of a child of the 70's...

I hope this tip comes in handy for you someday!

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Becky in Wyo said...

Yeah, remember last summer when I forgot the right ironing paper for all the perler bead projects? Basically, it's parchment paper.