Thursday, March 13, 2014

Faith, Trust

Faith has become increasingly important to me lately. I have always believed in God and had faith that Jesus Christ is His Son. I have had faith that keeping God's commandments is the surest path to peace in this life. I have had faith that I can be forgiven of my sins. These feelings have always been the guiding truths in my life.

Recently, I have reflected on how significant it is that faith is the first principle of the gospel (Article of Faith #4). What is ringing true to me right now is that faith is the ability to trust God. To trust that He will take care of me. To trust that if He asks me to do something, He will open a way for it to happen. To trust that if I always talk to Him and ask for His help, He will make me able to do all things.

Without this trust, can we do anything God asks of us? Can we even believe in God? There is evidence of God's existence all around us.

But without faith, one might say of this orchid, "That's just biology. It has nothing to do with God." The orchid is spectacular, but your view of it depends on where you place your faith, your trust. The LDS Church's website defines faith as confidence in something or someone. As most often used in the scriptures, faith is confidence and trust in Jesus Christ that lead a person to obey him.

Sometimes doing what God asks of us is just HARD. Being patient is hard. Not doubting yourself is hard. Working to preserve relationships is hard. Physical pain is hard. Commitment is hard. Careful parenting is hard. Living to a higher standard than most of the world is hard. Discerning God's will for you is hard.

But like this delicate orchid, with all it's fine intricacies, God created us and cares for us.

And if we put our trust in Him, He will make us beautiful. He will make us spectacular, too.


Becky in Wyo said...

Yes, that is the critical point of faith, the place where we all get stuck and not in a good way. It's not "Do you believe in the existence of God?", it's "Do you believe WHAT HE SAYS?" So much harder.

The Queen Vee said...

Ah Sue, you get me every time when you write your thoughtful deep thoughts. I say AMEN, to your musings on faith. I'm always profoundly touched by your sincere and well thought out insights on your knowledge gained in regard to your faith. I think it's because I'm not one who has great intellect or writing ability. I'm more like this lady :

but I do have the ability to appreciate you so I must have more intellect that I think I have.