Friday, November 2, 2007


That's how I feel today. Still in a bad mood, or rather, in a bad mood again. Becky sent me a threatening email saying the pitchforks were getting wrestless for a new blog post, so I thought I could just get online and bit*@ and moan for a minute.
  • Wasted the whole morning trying to download a video I took last night of Lily reading to her cousin Avelyn. Finally got it on my hard drive, but there was no sound. Kind of defeats the purpose of showing you how well Lily reads.
  • So behind on editing.
  • More behind on orders and wedding albums.
  • Some hooey going down with one of my loved ones, bringing back bad memories of growing up in a home with pornography. The stuff is just sh*% and thinking that it only affects the offender and the spouse is just crap.
  • Client still hasn't Paypal'ed me their sitting fee after cancelling on me four times (one of them just an hour before the shoot) then showing up 45 minutes late for their appointment after the sun had already set, afterwhich they pulled "oh my gosh, I'm out of checks!"
  • Whiny kids.
  • The U.S. Justice System sucks and is nowhere near having the best interests of children in mind.
  • Wanna just send everyone away and lay in my bed all day.

Totally unproductive, shouldn't even be blogging, but there it is. I don't even have the energy to tell you all about Halloween, so you'll just have to be satisfied with a few pictures of the girls. Please comment if you want to add to the cranky party and B&M with me. No cheerfulness allowed.

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Becky in Wyo said...

Now I feel responsible for your some-days-just-suck session. Your Saturday sounds like mine: I had TONS of stuff to do and spent all day avoiding it. After 60 hours Monday thru Friday of little kids (Friday I had eleven kids, including my two oldest who had a day off from school), I just needed a total veggin' out day... bet I blog about that.

Non-paying clients: it sucks to come down on a slacker-client, and I totally understand wanting to avoid confrontation and risking some bad word-of-mouth for your business, but I tell you what. After a certain point you just get sick of people shafting you and thinking you run a charity, and you just have to get Dog-the-Bounty-Hunter all over them and aggressively go after the money they owe you. If you're ticked off enough, find out the basics of filing a claim in small claims court, and inform your client what legal steps you are immediately prepared to take to collect the debt they owe you. You are not some nameless, faceless corporation who can absorb a few hundred dollars loss without blinking an eye. Every minute you have to spend away from your husband and children, to provide a valuable, and very skilled, service to a client, deserves to be monetarily compensated for. So, they need to pay up!!!! And there's my rant about non-paying clients.