Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mock me if you must...

It's 5:30pm, already dark, and I just finally took a shower for the day. That sums up my life right now. I have been swamped with photo orders, editing, designing albums, and shooting. And to top it all off, we have all been sick for the last week and Amelia and I just can't seem to get over it. Why is Murphy's Law most rampant during the holiday rush? So annoying.

My post will be short (I'm allowing myself a 10 minute break while the girls eat chicken nuggets for dinner. Dan and I will likely eat cereal 'cause I just don't have time to cook these days.) Many of you know that I am still nursing Amelia. She is 14 months old and we are both still enjoying it. I remember back in the old days I used to see these women with toddlers yanking on their shirt begging to nurse. I was like, "Oh no, once that kid starts trying to help himself to the self-service bar, it's time to cut him off!" Well, guess what? I am that lady now! Amelia has started making her desire for "nummies" plainly evident by poking me in the boobs and saying, "UHuhhh" in a whiny and demanding voice. She only does it a couple times a day (I nurse her about 4 times a day) and I usually don't feed her then, just when she's going down for a nap or to bed. It's pretty obnoxious, yet funny at the same time. I had a client here a couple days ago and while we were looking at pictures on the computer, Amelia started jabbing me with her index finger and begging for "nummies." It was mildly embarrassing, but as I told Dan the other day, "I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not."

Amelia is a much bigger snuggler than Lily ever was and I just love the closeness I feel with her when I'm nursing her. It's the few times that I get to sit quietly with her and just snuggle. She likes to pull gently on my hair, getting a strand and strumming it with her index finger. Or when she gets really tired she swirls her finger around in her hair. And she always has her woobie up by her face.

Warning: gratuitous boob shot ahead!

Just 5 days old.

My snuggle bug at 9 months.

Snoozin' with hair in her hand and woobie snuggled close. October 2007

Having woobie joy! August 2007

Toting woobie around the dirty garage. It goes everywhere!

Now, just what is this woobie? My friend Brooks made it for me when Amelia was a baby. It's a small (about 18"x18") snuggle blanket with tabs of ribbon sewn around the edges. It has turned out to be a great friend! We joke that woobie is The Key to All Happiness.

Since you've seen a discreet picture of my boob, let me continue in the TMI (too much information) thread and tell you that my monthly visitor is back after a two year absence. With Lily, I started when she was six months old. I was still nursing plenty, so I just assumed it would be similar this time. Nope. It has been nice, but lately I've been getting paranoid that I might be pregnant because I've never heard of anyone going this long. To my great relief, I am indeed not pregnant. On Saturday morning I said to Dan, "I believe I'm menstruating" and Lily was like, "What does that mean?" Dan said, "it means Mama can get pregnant again." Lily got so excited and said, "Is she?!" Dan was like, "No, what I mean is that Mama's body is able to get pregnant again, but no, we're not planning on getting pregnant any time soon."

As glad as I am to not be pregnant, I totally forgot how annoying the monthly visitor (or Aunt Martha, if you will) is! I've been totally bloated and walking around with my jeans unbuttoned all day. That always makes one feel super attractive!

Now that you know all the intimate details of my life, I will likely not have time for another blog post for at least another week. So revel in this one all you can! (I just proofread this and had to laugh that I said this would be a short post. Yeah, I kinda exceeded my 10 minute limit!)


Becky in Wyo said...

I am so proud of you!!!!! You barely made it under the wire, but you can now say at least you blogged more than once in November! Bless you! Oh, I just know I will leave more than one comment on this one. It's ten at night, and if I'm getting up at 5, I've got to go to bed, so I'll make this short and sweet (hah!). I totally think I'm going to steal the woobie concept. I feel a blog post coming on about Connor's blankie issues, but I'll make it short and just say here that he's a texture kid, too. The boob picture is like those kid leashes you see toddlers in occasionally at the store. I always think, "I could never do that with my own kids, I'd feel too conspicuous, but I don't blame other parents for doing it." So, go on with your bad self, and flash away! It's a tasteful picture, so no worries. I just couldn't do it myself.

P.S. Cereal... hmmm, that sounds kind of tasty. I favor Honey Bunches of Oats these days. What's your flavor?

The Nelson Family said...

Good to hear form you. Funny that I'm up at 12:30 here and about to go to bed, when it really would be pretty early back in good old Utah! Good luck with all the rest of your photo stuff! I could never do the boob think, as long as we are sharing "information" I have too many stretch marks! :)

Josh and Jenn said...

Sue is back! I had almost given up all hope. So, "Aunt Martha" huh? That is a new one I have never heard before. Funny stuff.

Josh and Jenn said...

oh yes, thanks so much for coming to the party the other night!

Sue said...

Aunt Martha, that's my mom's creation. No idea what the origin is. Mom, if you're reading, care to enlighten us?