Monday, January 14, 2008

Eat your heart out, Paul Mitchell

Lily has been growing her hair out for several months. Not necessarily on purpose, but because I just haven't taken the time to get her a haircut. After much begging from Lily and nagging from Dan "When are you gonna cut that girl's hair?" I finally took her in last Friday. Before we went, we talked about how short she wanted to get it. We looked at some old pictures from when she was three and she decided that she wanted it really short.

Here's what it looked like before:

When we got to the salon and the hairdresser asked Lily what she wanted, she told her chin-length. The hairdresser was like, "Are you sure? That's a lot. How about if I start here and then we can go shorter if you want." She proceeded to cut just above shoulder length and Lily kept telling her, "Shorter, shorter" and I'm sure the hairdresser was like, "This kid has no idea what she's getting into." But she kept on cutting and Lily was finally satisfied with how short it was.

I must say, it turned out dang cute! Faaabulous Daaahling!

And the best part is the back- it's angled and oh so stylish.

It's so cute and so much easier to take care of now that we don't have the snarls to battle with. I'm tempted to get my haircut like that. Perhaps I'll wait until I've lost a few pounds. Short hair makes me look chubby.
Now the only problem is that I'm having to teach Lily about vanity. She can't stop looking at herself in the mirror and preening like a cockatoo!


Josh and Jenn said...

She looks so cute, I want my hair like that too. Look at her pose in the last picture, she's such a little diva. I read your comment on Katy's post and you and Dan definitely need to go to Mexico. I know you are on the debt diet, but you would honestly die if you knew how reasonably priced our trip was. Leaving for a week will make you feel so much more refreshed and ready to deal with life and strengthen your relationship. And after reading your last post, it's safe to say that you need it and deserve it.

Becky in Wyo said...

I love that cut! Is that the style they call "A-line"? Very adorable, on the right face-shape. I'm with you, it would just emphasize my chubby face. But Lily looks wonderful!

Becky in Wyo said...

P.S. Did you save some of her long strands? If you did, hurry and label them in a ziploc. I have several hair samples in the "scrapbook someday box" that I have no idea when they were done, or really whose hair it is.

Spymommy said...

Sue-So glad to have another blog to add to my list of faves! You are too talented and I can barely stand it! I'm so thrilled for all you are doing. Way to go! And oh my goodness - is that Lori Gerlach on your blog? Must find Stacey! :) We'll keep in touch for sure now, as I am already addicted to Um, Thanks For Sharing!
Samantha Lee

The Nelson Family said...

That is a perfect haircut on her! She looks so darling. I know about looking chubby with short hair, but I finally got mine cut and it's so much nicer. I decided it was better to look a little fuller than to keep looking frumpy! Not that you look frumpy :)