Saturday, February 2, 2008

She Speaks!

Amelia will be 17 months old on Tuesday. She can say:

  • Mama
  • Oof (Doggie)
  • Bye-Bye
  • Oh (said with mouth wide open, used when she drops something or something surprises her)
  • Dada (just added this one last week)
  • Nuh-nuh (Nummies, usually accompanied by a demanding poke right in one of my boobs)

I'm so excited I finally got a video on here! (video taken on January 29th.) Don't you just want to eat her up?


Matt said...

Having just stumbled upon your blog after you found mine can I just say that your kids are dang cute! Not to mention your photography is fantastic. I look forward to reading future posts in the lives of the Richardsons.

Becky in Wyo said...

Man, I really miss living close to you guys. As I watch all these little kids in my daycare, it makes me think of the times we got to see Lily at our house when I would babysit for you. Sighhhh... But then again, maybe Amelia will miss out on the joys of "butt ugly" and how to speak loudly by hanging out with her older cousins.

Josh and Jenn said...

I will take one side of Amelia please!

The Nelson Family said...

How much fun! I was just wondering yesterday what Jane's voice would be like when she really start talking. Nice work on the video!

Hil said...

Hey Sue! I found your blog from Samantha's. What cute kids you have!! I'll be checking out your blog now. :) We were just in PG at Christmas... wish I'd known you're living nearby!
Hilary (Davis) Boyer

The Queen Vee said...

Sue, I thought for sure you would participate in "Fantasy Family" on Sam's blog. Come on girlfriend you can come up with a great story.