Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Every girl needs a cute pair of rainboots

Now that I live in the boonies, I have been initiated into the world of online shopping. A couple weeks ago I placed my first order at It was a few days after a big rain storm and I knew that we needed some good rainboots for sloshing around in the mud (especially since the path between our house and the Nates' is a dirt road.)

Here are the rainboots Lily chose:

Lily couldn't wait for a good rainstorm to blow through so she could wear her boots.

I didn't buy any boots for Amelia because we have some hand-me-down snowboots from Lily (remember, I'm a tight-wad) but Amelia didn't seem to mind too much. She sure had a lot of fun wearing Biggie's boots around the house!

In true 6-year-old fashion, Lily preferred to make funny faces at the camera instead of modeling her new boots.

I also got a great pair of rainboots:

They're actually pretty comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and they make me smile. Who says little girls should have all the fun?

I also purchased some slippers for the girls since our house is almost all hardwood floors or tile. Lily wears her "Indian slippers" around all the time, but I'm still trying to convince Amelia that her Hello Kitty slippers are great for keeping your feet warm, not just trying on, commenting on the cuteness of the "keee", then taking them off.


Lynne said...

Wow, Susan - I can't believe I found your blog! Will you e-mail me? I'd love to talk.

The Queen Vee said...

Meow those kitty slippers. The rain boots rock! Sue, I missed the picture of you wearing your rainboots.

The Donnells said...

Yeah lets see you in your sexy new booties. My best purchase was a pair of slip on snow boots with zippers. Those special ed kids have it made with no laces.

Pilch Construction said...

Is there any chance Lily's rainboots come in my size? They are too cute. Your house looks darling, I love the wood floors. When do we get to see more pictures of it? And beware of online shopping, it's addicting!

Lizzy Lou said...

Those blue flowers are going to look great with Wyoming horse manure all over them. Your Grandad is having a good laugh, I'm sure..........