Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Future Songwriter?

With all the snow this past weekend, Lily got VERY excited about Christmas. She sat down and started writing a song and I was so impressed with her rhyming skills! She did the first verse all by herself and had just a little help from Mama on the second verse.

Christmas, Christmas-time you're here!

Time for presents, time for cheer.

Time for snow and snowmen, too.

Happy, happy Christmas from me to you.

Time for cocoa, time for treats,

Just for Santa Clause to eat.

Time for treats to give to you,

Happy, happy Christmas from me to you.

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Becky in Wyo said...

Not bad, not bad! You and she are going to treasure that for a long time to come. Now you just have to attach it to a tune you already know, and you'll have a new song you can sing every Christmas. See, that's what I love about blogging: we get to write out all the really cool stuff, big and small, without wasting time on plotting out papers, layout, and embellishments like you do with scrapbooking. Go blogging!