Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Love Nugget

I can't believe Mackay is two months old already! It seems to be going faster this time around, I think because my attention is spread between three kids now and I feel like I'm not savoring his babyness as much as I was able to with the girls.

My friend Samantha and I were exchanging an email a week or so ago and she commented on the video of Mackay smiling. She said, "he is such a love nugget!" I couldn't think of a better way to describe his sweet little self!

Mack started smiling at 7 weeks, but he really got into it at 8 weeks. It's such a treat to see him smile at me and make his little gooing noises!

He finally got over his baby acne, which actually turned out to be an eczema type rash. He was looking pretty rough there for awhile!

I've been giving Mack his bath in the kitchen sink. Our bathtub is really deep, which was awesome when I was pregnant and could immerse myself in its warm goodness, but it's hard on the back leaning over to wash Mackay. I've been keeping at least one side of the kitchen sink cleaned out most days, so it's easy to just plop him in there really quick.

He loves the warm water.

Amelia really gets a kick out of helping give him a bath. Reminds me of how much fun Lily had bathing Amelia when she was a baby.

November 20, 2006, Amelia 2 months old

October 20, 2006, Amelia 6 weeks old

"C'mon, if you let me give you a bath I'll give you a Scooby Snack!"

Lily and Amelia love their baby brother and have started including him in some of their games. A couple weeks ago I peeked in on the girls and discovered them and Kamille (next door neighbor, Brian & Becca's daughter) using Mack as the baby wolf in their game. Lily and Amelia love to pretend they're dogs or wolves. Someone is always assigned to be the mommy and the baby, and they thought it was so cool to have a real baby be in the game. Amelia was the grandma and I was Mack's great-grandma wolf.

Lucky me.

Note added: Lily read the part about using Mackay in their game and she said, "NO! Not wolf, he was just a regular baby. I want you to take that off because he was NOT a wolf!" Get it straight, Mama!

Oh, and I meant to put Mackay's stats from his two month check-up: 11 lbs. 8 oz. and 23 inches long, both in the 50th percentile. I thought for sure his percentiles would be bigger because he seems so much chubbier than the girls were, but I guess they were just slow starters.


The Queen Vee said...

Sue, Mackay is chubbing up nicely. Samantha is right, he is just a little Love Nugget. You are so sweet to let the girls use him as a doll, I'd be scared to death that they might drop him.

Love that toothless grin, it's the best.

Apis Melliflora said...

If Mackay is a little love nugget, then thank you Sue for serving us such a yummy Happy Meal. Every Mackay smile puts a smile on my face too!

Lois Ann said...

Are you sure those are two different kids - Amelia in my bathroom sink, and MacKay in your kitchen sink? The faces look so much alike! It was fun to recognize my bathroom sink with the Scooby snacks :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice, did you use the dish soap on him???
Gotta love the sink tubby!!

Becky in Wyo said...

It's so fun when the big kids get into helping out with/playing with the younger kids. I think that's one of the great parts of having a bigger family.

Becky in Wyo said...

I love the smiling Budda in the sink.