Friday, March 20, 2009

Saturday fun in the sun and snow

A couple weekends ago (March 7th) we took the whole crew sledding. We bundled Mackay up in the awesome snow suit that Brian and Becca got for him and headed the one minute drive to Test Hill for some good ol' winter fun.

Mack wasn't too impressed with the bright sun reflecting off the snow and after a couple minutes of jiggling, he fell asleep.

My friend Karen Thornock made the awesome knit sherpa hat for Mack. I loved it so much that I had her make one for Amelia and Lily also, but Lily will never leave a hat on.

Helping Daddy pump up the tube.

Amelia loves to eat snow as much as her sister does.

It was a gorgeous day and not too cold.

After I made the girls pose with Daddy for a nice picture, he started bouncing them on the tube and tickling them. Click to view larger.

Catchin' some air!

I was SO excited to go sledding. It had been so long since I'd been able to do any fun activities because I'd been pregnant. No horseback riding, no joy rides on the 4 wheeler, no snowmobiling, no sledding. I was totally ready for some action!

Test Hill is the popular sledding hill just southwest of town. Presumably, it's called Test Hill because people like to take their snowmobiles there and "test" if they can get to the top of the steep hill. I need to post some pictures from our sledding outing on Christmas day when Brian brought his snowmobile and drove everyone to the top after they went down on their tubes. Totally sweet!

Mack slept in the car the whole time, snug as can be.

There was lots of snow consumed that day.

Lily had no idea she had a snow beard when I took this picture. Goes perfect with her face!

My blue-eyed beauty.

Check out some of the fun had by all:


Becky in Wyo said...

Ooooh, I get to be first! Ummm...

Awesome pics! Yeay for winter sports!

I love it when the babies sleep! Emma was the same way when we went sledding on the dry farm this past December. Something about being bundled up tight, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hello... Fun! And I totaly want one of those hats, how much moolah do I have to fork over for one of those??

Sue said...

Katy, the hats are $20 and she can put a big flower with a button off to the side. It's super cute. I had that done with the girls', but naughty bird Amelia plucked a bunch of the petals off the first weekend we had the hats.

Spymommy said...

I am supremely jealous of this outing. It looks like the most fun ever. We totally got jipped on the snow this year. Thanks for sharing your awesome photog skills. Your kids are too cute.