Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beware: Nostalgia can lead to Chagrin

Since today is mine and Dan's 14th anniversary, I figured this would be a good time to post these pictures of Lily. When we were at my Mom's house a couple weeks ago I came across my wedding dress in one of the closets. I was feeling nostalgic or sentimental or at least not in a hurry to get to the next thing, so I asked Lily if she wanted to try the dress on. Her eyes got really big and she said, "Really?"

She had a great time all dressed up and posing like a little bride.

Such a little beauty!

So, you know I've been working out and dieting, right? Well, feeling a little sassy, I decided to try on my wedding dress and see how close I was to fitting into it. I pulled the dress over my legs and promptly hit a road block called hips. "Ooh, this is gonna be a tight squeeze." So I wiggle and writhe until the dress barely clears my butt when I hear a horrible sound. "Rrrrrriiiiiippp." Yup, I tore the seam just below the zipper.

Moral of the story? Don't even bother pulling the dress out of the bag until you're within 10 pounds.


Brian and Rebecca Nate said...

Lily looks so beautiful! Please tell me that day won't come for either of them for at least 20 years. I'm not ready. I'm sorry you ripped your wedding dress, that's a bummer. Hope you guys had a good day. At least the food was awesome!

Kernal Ken said...

Lily is beautiful! Kinda scary beautiful. Better get a baseball bat to place next to the door. If this is how she looks at 8 years old, you'll get plenty of swinging practice when she's a teenager.

Lois Ann said...

How come I never really noticed those endearing dimples before?

Lori Gerten said...

No offense, you have had three chidlren and all but knowing you I thought your story might end with a rrrrriiippP!

14 years???? Congratulations to you two!!!!


The Queen Vee said...

********Happy Anniversary*******

Erin said...

Lily is a beauty! Hope you have a great anniversary. I have no doubt that your dress will fit in no time. I thought of you today when I was about to eat my third Cadbury Egg. I put it down and got out the strawberries. See - you're even motivating others! :)

Sue said...

Oh man, what I wouldn't do for a Cadbury Egg right now! This is the worst time of year to diet, when the best candy of the year is out on the shelves. I guess that's one real advantage to living in the middle of nowhere- I don't go shopping very often so the temptations are fewer.

Apis Melliflora said...

Sue, I love that you tried on your wedding dress. I don't care if there was a rip. I think you must have been feeling as beautiful as you felt on your wedding day and that's an awesome feeling. Go with that!

As for Lily, I agree with Kernal Ken's advice. Lily looked lily-like in your white dress. A natural, pure beauty.

The Queen Vee said...

Sue, no cookies, no Cadbury eggs.....just don't do it.

I'm going to continue right on down the road counting those calories and plan to go back to the gym next week. I'm bound and determined to lose 19 more pounds, have lost 4...by July! I don't have time for weeks off or set backs.

I'm determined to finally acquire decipline in several other area's of my life at the same time. I know if I can achieve this I will be much happier with myself and better able to help and serve others.

I'm staying the course, I don't even take a free day...it would just be a huge set back for me.

Parker-Delgado Family said...

Those pictures are so awesome. Lily looks so grown up. What a special moment to share. Thanks so much!

Becky in Wyo said...

You have the best post titles. Thanks for the one you put on my blog last night! Lily looks beautiful - but another 15 to 20 years sounds good! And I'm laughing about the dress getting stuck at your hips. Mine wouldn't even fit over my thighs at this point. But I wonder what it would look like on Dani?