Monday, September 13, 2010

How about some happy pictures?

The last two days have brought a lot of comfort concerning Zoe. The Spirit has been strong, working hard as the Comforter, and I've had a chance to talk through my feelings with some people close to me and close to Zoe. I feel a great sense of peace about where Zoe is, that her humor and companionship are not lost, and that she will continue to be a presence in all of our lives. Her viewing is tomorrow night and the funeral is on Wednesday. The Nates put me in charge of compiling and framing all of the pictures for the funeral, so I am enjoying that labor of love and smiling as I think of all the fun times we enjoyed with Zoe. Thank you all for your kind comments and support.

Now, how about some happy pictures? Here are some recent ones from the last few weeks:

Lily's first day of 3rd Grade, complete with siblings still in their PJ's and Mack sporting the white trash sneakers-over-footie-pj's look. 8-23-2010.

Stylish outfit courtesy of Target (sweater), Walmart (shirt), Old Navy (pants) and Children's Place (shoes). Ensemble chosen completely by Lily.

Geez, who IS that long-legged kid striding into Mr. Teichert's class?

\This beauty got himself trapped in our house and hung out in the front window all morning. I kept smiling and thinking that my friend Samantha was there in spirit to pay me a little visit. 8-24-2010

Snuggles in the Closet Bed. 8-27-2010

Amelia's first day of Preschool. She was so excited to load up her backpack for the very first time.

The girl is not shy, that's for sure!

Mack and Biggie spinning on the new playground at the Elementary School. 9-01-2010

I visited Dan over Labor Day weekend. As you can see, he is full of love for his home away from home for the last 8 weeks. Or maybe he just knew he was gonna get lucky that night. Hard to say. 9-05-2010

I was in Houston on Amelia's 4th birthday, so we celebrated yesterday at the Nates. She picked this cake out of the Wilton book several months ago and has been waiting and waiting for her ice cream cone castle cake. 9-12-2010

Grandma Lynette got Amelia this little outfit for her birthday and today she asked could she please wear it to Bal-ah-lay (Ballet) class. It was perfect! 9-13-2010

It's hard being the only boy with two older sisters.
But don't worry Daddy, he's got a ball and a scabby elbow, so he's OK. 9-13-2010


The Dragonfly said...

Glad to hear you are helping out with Zoe's funeral. You are a great friend.

Must have a copy of the dragonfly photo. It is amazing.

Love you!

Dianna said...

You are an amazing photographer! I am always in awe at what you can do. Of course it helps having such beautiful babies to get to take pictures of (but then again, it didn't help me any, sigh). SMILE!!!

Becky in Wyo said...

Wow!! Awesome pics! I'm totally snickering over Dan's super-cheesy grin. You know he was HAPPY to see his wife.

And I love that cake!! It's great to see Mom's tradition of cute cakes being carried on. Your kids will have great memories of the cakes their Mom made on their birthdays. I was thinking today to myself, "Maybe I should quit being Scroogy, and have some enthusiasm during my birthday this year. I should make a pumpkin cake, like Mom used to." Sounds fun!

Brian and Rebecca Nate said...

Love the girls pics, so pretty. I vote that Dan knew he was getting lucky! Your boy is all boy, I don't think daddy has anything to worry about. When Dan gets home and Mack starts beating him up, he won't have any questions.