Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amusing Text Exchanges

Dan and I communicate via text messaging a lot because the nature of his job often requires him to leave our conversations for several minutes at a time. With texting we can "talk" in a time frame that allows him to get his work done. Plus with him working nights and sleeping days we often initiate conversations with a text because we're not sure if the other person is awake.

Tonight Dan was asking when the kids and I were leaving for my Mom's for Thanksgiving and what our plans were. He'll be working.

Me: I'm going to shop on Friday and go see Breaking Dawn with the womenfolk.
Dan: You're crazy!
Me: Don't worry, I'm not going early. Just going to see what I can find during the reasonable hours of the day!
Dan: Not much better.
Me: Maybe not, but I think you're just jealous. Especially about missing Breaking Dawn.
Dan: Exactly.

After installing the chimney liner there was some discussion with Keith, our landlord, about taking some of the cost off the rent. I was out of the loop so I wanted to make sure before I made out the rent check.

Me: Should I pay Keith full rent or did he want us to take some off for the liner?
Dan: No
Me: No don't pay full or no don't take any off?
Dan: Yes
Me: You think that's funny, don't you?
Dan: Yes

I never could get a straight answer out of him so I figured that was his way of telling me he would take care of it. We're real good at communicating like that.

Dan was running out to the Flying J with the kids to get a snack.

Me: Will you get me a sunkist?
Dan: No
Me: You're a very bad man.

Several minutes later he showed up with Sunkist in hand.

About a month ago I had an emotional breakdown on the phone while Dan was at work. I started crying and telling him about some concerns I had and he goes, "OK, now I'm uncomfortable...Bye" and hung up. I know this about him and knew he just needed some time to deal with my outburst. Later in the day I texted him.

Me: How's your discomfort level?
Dan: Unacceptably high
Me: Are you uncomfortable because of the crying or because of what I said?
Dan: Yes
Me: Glad we could have this little chat.
Dan: Anytime, but now I'm going to bed.
Me: Sweet dreams. Hopefully there are no crying women in them.
Dan: One can hope
Me: Thank goodness we have our senses of humor to survive this oil field life.

A sense of humor. It's what keeps us sane and it's something I dearly love about my husband.


The Donnells said...

Thank you for having so much too read. Its a little slow at work. It was great to catch up with the Cokeville Clan.

Raluca said...

what happened lately with you, Sue? what's your secret? where did you find so much resources (time + energy) for blogging?
keep on writing often! I ♥ your posts!

regarding Dan's amusement when it's a serious situation: you are a very good woman; many of us, women (me included), would go crazy if the partner wouldn't share our "drama"!!

Erin said...

HA! Love this Sue!! Sounds like you and your man would get along great with me and mine.