Monday, January 23, 2012

Heaven Help Us!

We're starting hard-core potty training today. I started about 3 weeks ago and didn't have much luck. The first day Mack went through 5 pairs of underwear in less than 2 hours. The next time I tried he pee'd in the potty twice in the morning and I got so excited. But that was the last time we had any success. And that was over 2 weeks ago.He gets mad every time I put him on the toilet and insists that he can't do it. He holds it, holds it, holds it, then pee's in his underwear. I have a timer set for every 20 minutes. We have tried sitting, standing, aiming at Cheerios, rewarding with treats, reading books on the toilet, running water in the sink to make him feel the urge, singing potty songs, you name it. Mack just WON'T pee on the potty.

I didn't try at all last week because we'd spent the previous weekend at Grammie's and were planning another trip to Grammie's this past weekend. I knew I wouldn't have the time to monitor him all weekend so I decided to wait until we were all done traveling to start again. Now we're home and not planning to go anywhere so I'm committing to giving it another try.

Pray for my sanity, will you?

The one thing that helps is Mack is super cute running around in his big boy undies.

Aren't his hat and boots fabulous?! Dan's a little concerned.

I keep trying to reassure him that the boy loves swords and guns just as much as he loves headbands.

Just part of the hazards of having two older sisters. And speaking of those sisters, they were SO much easier to potty train. Why is that when boys have the easy-aim equipment?


Kernal Ken said...

Sue, The answer to your question is that the easy aim equipment still requires aiming! That's why boys have "pieces parts." "Your girls' "places parts" require no aiming...

Be calm nad carry on. ;o)

Jamie B said...

If you live in a rural area, you could try letting him go outside. Men just seem to love paring outside. LOL!

Jamie B said...

Sorry, peeing, not paring. Silly auto correct.

Raluca said...

We are in the same stage of potty training. Once again, I was inspired by Sarah. Here you can read how:
Heaven help you!