Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our 4th of July

Posting is no fun when your computer is 9 years old and slow as Christmas. It's just not worth the frustration most days. But it looks like there will be a Macbook Pro in my near future, so things should be picking up soon!

Here's a peek at our 4th of July. Dan was working (he is a company man- boss of the rig- down in San Antonio, TX now, working 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off).

My Mom and sister Becky and her family came in for the holiday. It's so fun finally having a house big enough to host guests! First we headed to the park for the Fireman's pancake breakfast fundraiser. There was a patriotic program, then I forced the kids to take a photo with me before I let them run off and play.

It went quite a bit like this:

Then I told them that as soon as they smiled good they could take off and start getting all-you-can-eat free snowcones. Worked like a charm!

(Started this post like 2 months ago. It's never gonna get finished, so I'm just posting it as-is.)

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Raluca said...

Dear Sue, posting something is always better than posting nothing at all.
The last picture is wonderful!! Sweet moments to cherish in the future!
My mother always tells me: "with kids you should do whatever it works", bribery and even little lies sometimes.