Monday, February 16, 2015

Soup-Can Phones

Consistency in Family Home Evening is still a work in progress at our house. Amelia is the best about reminding us that we need to do it and she has sometimes taken the initiative to prepare the lesson.

A few weeks ago she found an article in The Friend magazine and wanted to share it for Family Home Evening.

It tells about two girls, next-door-neighbors, who love to talk to each other each night from their bedroom windows using their soup-can phones. One day, one of the girls has to leave town and the other girl is left feeling lonely with no one to talk to. The thought comes to her that she should pray and talk to Heavenly Father just like she talks to her friend, sharing all the ups and downs of her day, all the details big and small.

It was a great message about making our Heavenly Father our friend. Amelia was really excited to make a real soup-can phone and see if it actually worked. She'd been planning to do it for a couple of weeks but wanted to wait until Daddy was home.

I don't really remember making these as a kid, surely I must have, but I was tickled to discover that the dang thing worked! The string has to be perfectly straight and pulled tight, but you can actually hear through it!

Mack was more amused by trying to jump up and grab the string than actually talking on the phone. It was too hard for him to keep the string tight. But we had a good time and the kitties sure thought it was fun to chase the string around after we were done!

I'm grateful for Amelia and her sweet spirit and how she keeps our family on track.

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Raluca said...

I remember 2 boys, neighbors of mine, doing these talks while we were kids :-) I have to try it with the girls.

I'm happy to see you somehow found the time and energy to write on the blog every now and then.

Kisses to you, dear Sue!