Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Thanks so much for all the comments on the marriage post! I read it the day after I posted it and I was like, "Ooh, maybe that was a bit much." I told Dan that I should title my next post "Just call me Sanctimonious Sue" and he said, "At least you're saying something." If you haven't read the comments, check them out. And please add more, I would be really interested to hear from some of you that are divorced and get your perspective. Feel free to leave it anonymously if you don't want readers to know it's you (Liz, too late!) I had to giggle because after commenting on my blog, my cousin Chris started her own blog, saying "Well, Sue had one so I had to get one too. I was posting a comment on her page and realized that I couldn't shut up, so I decided to get my own." Perhaps I'm starting a trend in our family!

I hope all you mothers had a great day on Sunday! I was a naughty girl this year and really didn't give Dan a chance to get me a gift. My sister-in-law hosted a Modbe Clothing and Lia Sophia Jewelry party last month. It was the day before Dan's first paycheck and I splurged, buying a swimsuit & swim skirt, shirt, and some jewelry. Afterwards, feeling a little guilty for how much I had spent, I told Dan that the jewelry could be my Mother's Day gift. I got this necklace (not the bracelet)

I also got this set, but the necklace didn't look as cool in person as it did in the catalog, so I decided to only keep the earrings.

I am exchanging that necklace for this one which I LOVE!

Apparently this Lia Sophia jewelry is the latest and greatest rage in Utah, the modern version of the Tupperware Party, because I have gotten invitations to two other parties since Lora had hers in April! I've been eyeballing these earrings

and this set of earrings and a slide (I'll get a leather necklace to put it on.)

I've never worn much jewelry, mostly simple earrings and one ring on each hand. But as I get older, the crow's feet are growing and the eye bags are getting darker so I feel the need to snaz up my look and draw attention away from my sagging face!

In addition to jewelry, I am also lusting after a 100mm 2.8 macro lens for my camera and a road bike, both really expensive. I've decided to ride in an all women's bike ride up in Logan on June 2, the Little Red Riding Hood. I did the 30 mile ride 2 years ago on my mountain bike and it took me about 2.5 hrs to ride. I was hoping to do the 60 mile this year, but I don't know if I'll be able to hack 5 hours on the bike. (Can you say saddle sores?!) If I had a road bike, I'd be able to ride at least 20% faster, if not more, because road bikes are lighter and much more efficient on smooth terrain. Now, if I could just inherit a bunch of money... Are there any rich old aunts out there that I don't know about?

Speaking of aunts (not old or rich, but rather kookie) my Aunt Liz is so much fun! She gave me this card for Mother's Day.
Lily couldn't say her L's until she was almost 4, so she always called Liz Aunt Wiz. Oh, we loved that! Aunt Liz is such a crack-up and she always has a little something for everyone at all of our family parties. This time she gave out sourdough starter to make Amish friendship bread. I'm actually going to make it! The instructions say to split your batter into thirds at the end and give 2 sets away to keep the friendship concept going, but I think I'm going to be greedy and keep it all for myself. I am trying to lose weight, after all, and I heard homemade bread is really low in calories. :) For those not in the Cox clan, here is a picture of Aunt Wiz, all decked out for the Red Hat Ladies Tea. (Did I ever tell you that Barb, Dan's stepmom, is a Red Hat Lady too? Hey Barb, will you email me the picture of you and the Red Hats on the Harley?)
Lily has been waiting for me all day to take her to Walmart, so I'll close with these pictures of the girls on Mother's Day.

Incidentally, Dan did write me a nice letter of appreciation for Mother's Day (the thing I most like to get) but he did it begrudgingly, saying that I would save it and use it against him someday. I guess I can't tell you what he said...

Happy Day!


Kris said...

Happy Mother's Day, well, it's over, but hopefully it was happy! I really love the pictures. Did Dan take them?

Sue said...

Yes, Dan took the pictures. I really have trained him well, haven't I?

The Nelson Family said...

Sue you look so great in these photos...always so photogenic...and does that little girl of yours ALWAYS have a smile on? You must be doing something right :) They are both darling.