Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Part-timers, Posers & Buck-Tooth Varmits

Soon after writing my first blog entry and thinking about future things that I wanted to write, I realized that I'm just going to have to create a second blog so I can have one that is accessible from my website with all the professional stuff, and then another blog for just my friends and family where I can say anything I want!

I shot a wedding in Southern California this past weekend and have some fun pictures to share from that, but I have to go through and pick out the best ones first, so look for those to post in a day or two. Here's a quick one I had the groom take of me so I could show Lily that I had gone to the ocean. That tall glass of water is one of the groomsmen who is a model for Abercrombie (Bin, can you say part-timer?) Can I just say that living in Utah does nothing for my skin? I flew into CA on Saturday morning, shot from 2:00 to 9:30 pm, then returned to my hotel. As I got ready for bed, I looked at my face in the mirror and my skin was so soft, radiant, and younger looking even after a hard day of work. The moist air really agreed with me! The moment I stepped off the plane in Utah, it was like someone was pulling at my cheeks and stretching my face out like a piece of saran wrap! I could instantly feel the dryness. Welcome back, crow's feet! Incidently, you know what the best part of shooting out of state weddings is? I get to sprawl out in a king size bed, all to myself, and sleep through the night! Oh, the luxury!

Lily has a new best friend named Halle. The beauty of it is that Halle likes her as much as she likes Halle. A few days ago after I had dropped Lily at school, I came home and was taking a shower when the doorbell began to ring. And ring. And ring...knock, knock...ding-dong. For about 5 minutes straight! I hurried to finish my shower and went to the window and called out, "Is that Halle?" "Yes." I told her Lily was at school but that she wanted to go to the park after school. When I picked Lily up and told her that Halle had come over, she was so excited! Ah, to be loved! We picked Halle up and stopped at our house for a potty break (or so I thought) before we went to the park. Once we got to the park I unloaded Amelia, a blanket, umbrella, camera bag, etc. and had just gotten everything situated when I noticed Lily holding her pants. "Didn't you go potty at the house?" I ask. "I forgot" says Lily. Aaarrgghhhh! Kids, they just can't be troubled with potty breaks when there's a friend over at their house! So we pack up the car again, drive back home for a potty break, and return to the park. I'm such a patient mother! I took some pictures of the girls- check out the little poser. Can you tell her mom's a photographer?!

Amelia got her top two teeth in a couple weeks ago and now has a goofy gap-tooth smile. We call her the buck-tooth varmit! She is such a crack-up when she shows those teeth! Her favorite game is peek-a-boo; I took these pictures while Daddy was peek-a-booing her. Don't you just want to eat her up?!


Kris said...

Hi Sue!
I love the pictures and hearing what is going on. Way to go with launching the blog. That is a project. I don't have one but I read my sister-in-law's almost every day and love knowing the happenings. Thanks! Amelia is getting so big!

Dianna said...

What a super idea. We'll get to watch the girls grow even though we are 3 states away! Give our love to all (ps - how is Daniel doing?)

The Step-grandma-in-law said...

As far as I'm concerned, this is the greatest thing on the internet. Some of the kids look so familiar, they almost look like family. I've had a hard couple of weeks and this (and talking to Paddy) really cheered me up! I'll read you every day.

For Lily--

nana and alex said...

from Alex: I really like your blog, Nana and I are reading it.
Tell Lily and Amelia I said Hi.
Who is that man that stays at your house? Is he uncle
Dan? (this is a joke form Alex).
Please tell Lois Ann Hi form Alex.bye from Alex.
Now from Nana.....
I love all of you and miss you. Email if you get a chance. NANA