Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tell me what you really mean

I found this on Tara Whitney's blog, another one that I frequent daily. Man, you gotta love New Yorkers.


The Nelson Family said...

where can i sign up? you know me...

Becky in Wyo said...

Well, you just can't beat honesty, can you? If we were to sum up our current lives into a snappy job description, what would it say?

Some of mine:
Needed: Drama Queen Wrangler (I have a ten-year-old who acts like a 2-year-old sometimes, which is to say, she thinks she's 13 already)
-Must Suffer Teenage Know-It-Alls with grace and humor
-Must Speak with Trolls (where did that come from?)
-Must Willingly do Mindnumbingly Boring and Repetative Work for NO appreciation whatsoever
-Must have a finely-honed sharp sense of Sarcasm and be able to wield against aforementioned Teenagers and Teenage Wannabes
-Must be able to tell teenage son that his constant gassy leakage makes him a Talented Child (see previous job requirement regarding sarcasm)
-Must think your 2-year-old is adorable, even when you're dying of mortification when they throw a scooter bike on top of another child's head in church nursery
-Must Commit Daily Acts of Forgiveness and Mercy for Clueless Husband
-Must have PLENTY of women-friends who blog, understand your pain, and make you cackle in delight with their shared wisdom and low humor

Sorry about the wordiness. It all just sort of fell out once I got started.