Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Bin!

In honor of Dan's 37th (yes, this blog is called Um, Thanks for Sharing!) birthday today, I thought I'd take you all down memory lane.

Approx. 8 months old. Check out the shag carpet they used for a backdrop. So 70's!

We affectionately refer to this picture as "White Trash Baby", sitting in the dirt in his diaper. Age 9 months.

Kindergarten or First Grade. Dan says he remembers missing all 4 front teeth at once and he couldn't bite into anything.
Dan (in blue) and his brother David. Dan started Mighty Mites in first grade and played football every year through the end of high school.
Dan and his Dad. Nice mustache, Dave!
7th grade football. What a good looking kid! Man, we need to have a son!
15th birthday. He looks about 12, doesn't he? Poor guy was a late bloomer, he finally hit 5 feet and 100 pounds when he was a freshman in high school!

Dan and his sister Dianna at Mema and Pepa's house, 1986 or 1987. Is that the quintessential 80's outfit or what?! Nice work, Di!

Family picture 1988. Can you believe he showed up for a photo shoot in his Metallica t-shirt? I'm certain the photographer was like, "You gotta be kidding me!" However, I'm sure his mother was just glad that he showed up! L to R: brother David, step-brother Mike, step-dad Larry (divorced from Paddy around the time that Dan and I got married), step-brother Darrin, Dan, mom Paddy, and sister Dianna.

This photo really deserves a closer look. Remember the "groups" in high school? The preps, the jocks, the rappers, the rockers, the geeks. Well, if you had asked me back then, I never would have imagined that I would marry a rocker! Check out that long hair. But wait, it gets better...

1990. Nothing quite like crazy rocker hair, a Metallica t-shirt, and bike shorts. The love affair with spandex began quite a long time ago!

The would-be Mrs. Richardson and her shaggy dog. Ah, well, her loss is my gain!

1991. This is Lily's favorite picture from Dan's mission "I wanna see the one of Daddy dancing with the giant doggy!" This is in rural Maryland at the beginning of Dan's mission. The amazing thing about this picture is that they are on a hill and Dan is standing about 6 inches higher than the Great Dane. That is one huge dog!

1993. This was a sign at the exit of a Baptist church in Alexandria or Arlington, Virginia. This was towards the end of his mission. Notice the suit? Yes, it's the same one you see below.

March 23, 1996 Washington D.C. Temple. Got married in the mission suit. He did at least get a new shirt, tie, and pair of shoes, though.

Look at those two children! (well, me mostly!)

Spring 2001, Graduation with Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah.

March 2007, Defending his thesis. He's smiling big because he's getting the hell out of there! I'm not sure if his smile or my smile was bigger as we walked out of the building.

2007, still riding the crazy jumps after age 35. So Sexy!


Becky in Wyo said...

Man, you guys must miss the 'fro. Ha, ha, ha, ha... And you're right about Dan being a handsome young man. You just know some poor little girls pined away over him when he was growing up. Boys are fun, I must say, different from girls. More rowdiness, way less drama, thank goodness.

I just love the creative touch of the fountain coming out of your head in your wedding close-up photo. It looks like part of your veil!

Seriously, though, for just a moment here. I am so proud of Dan for taking good care of my sister. I will love and appreciate him always for that reason alone. Tell him I said Happy Birthday!

Sue said...

Yeah, the fountain head is very nice. Had I hired a professional photographer (one of my great regrets) I might not have had so many mergers in my wedding photos! Oh well, at least they're properly exposed. And I'll always have a funny story to tell about how I basically photographed my own wedding. I set up the tripod, got things composed the way I wanted them, then my brother Don clicked the shutter.

Anonymous said...

I love the tribute to Dan! It puts so many things into perspective. Seriously, I thought the curly long hair one was Diana. Wow! That is some sexiness! Brings a whole new element to the idea of who Susan Garlitz of the Three G's would marry!!! ILOVEIT!

Tell him happy birthday please!

Anonymous said...

Oops that last comment was from me (Lori).

Hee hee

Lizzy Lou said...

Good night, I think he looks like Tom Hanks in "Big". Especially when T. H. was playing the big electric key board with his feet..... And then when he shows up in the white tuxedo at the company party and eats the tiny corn like a cob of corn. That is the look of our Daniel in some of those photos....Sue, thanks so much for exposing the younger side of our "Doc Richardson".