Sunday, October 7, 2007

I don't know...I think I'm kinda cute

When I was a sophomore in college, my roommates and I were sitting around bemoaning the woes of dating. We were complaining about how guys always go straight for the lookers, bypassing us decent looking girls with lots of personality. We sat there silently and I suddenly busted out with, "I don't know...I think I'm kinda cute." Oh, that phrase has lived in infamy ever since!

My dear friend Cami took our family picture earlier in the week and last night I was at her house looking at the proofs. We came to this picture

and I turned to Cami and exclaimed, "Wow, I look really good!" Yes, I'm that vain! You know you're with a close friend when you can say that and not feel self-conscious.

There are so, so many pics that I love and surely I will be posting more, but here are a couple favorites of Lily & Amelia. Dan and I sure make cute kids!

Thanks, Cami, for doing such an awesome job!


Kris said...

You are very cute! These are great pictures. I like the one with the girls walking... it really shows the height difference and how quickly Lily is growing up. Someday they'll be so close in size, it will be so fun to look back at that.

Becky in Wyo said...

Go on with your bad self!!

P.S. Somebody had to get good looks in our family. It bypassed me, and went straight to my kids. But, I'm not biased, or anything.

Josh and Jenn said...

Those pictures are darling. And you do look cute, and you should think that. At least your not the kind of girl who is really cute and says she's ugly just to hear people say she's not. It's funny because as I've been looking through other blogs I've seen a lot of pictures done by Camilynne. You guys get around. And all of the pictures are fabulous too.