Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cutting the Apron Strings, the irreverent version

I took family photos for my good friend Kris last month. She and I served in the Young Women's presidency together when I lived in Midvale. Well, Kris is a riot. And she thinks she's 17. So this makes for a very fun portrait session!

We did these pictures just before her only child, Alex, left for his mission. There were lots of great shots and I put several up on my photoblog. You can view the "nice" pictures here. But there were just too many funny ones, I couldn't resist posting them. Since viewers of my photoblog might not know me well enough to appreciate my sense of humor, I thought I'd better post these here.

So, here is the gag reel:

Can I get a little Blue Steel?

Oh, yeah, Magnum baby!

The Brock Dalgleish. You hafta know him to appreciate how accurate this is!

Kenyon: soon as he's gone I'm taking over his room and putting in my Star Trek collection.

Don't be hatin' boys, just cause you can't work the wind machine quite like Kris.

Whatcha doin' with that hand, Kris? Kenyon's smiling awfully big.

Sue: Ok, guys, gimme "Bad A@@".
Kenyon: I learned all my moves from Michael.

Kris: Don't make me laugh. I gotta pee!

Kris: Al, show us again how you're gonna kiss Lu the night before you go? (Must enlarge to appreciate this one.)

Alex: Nice rack, Kenyon
Kenyon: That's the most action I've seen in a month.

Alex: Do you think my companion will like me, Mom? I'm really a very nice fellow.


KT2 said...

whateva... I'm not 17 til my next b-day! BTW - You never get the full effect of wrinkles until a professional photoshoot! Thank heavens for photoshop!

These turned out great! Esp Al P's tounge action!!

The Nelson Family said...

What a fun shoot! See you in the morning :)

The Queen Vee said...

Fun, fun pictures by a talented woman!

Becky in Wyo said...

You will never run out of clients. You're the best!