Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Part 3, Nice Try...

Just like the bottom set of front teeth, the top set came out just a couple weeks apart. There was lots of wiggling and I affectionately referred to Lily as "Snaggle-tooth." On Saturday, she tried the string on the doorknob trick again, but the string kept coming off whenever she tried to slam the door. I asked her again where she got the idea and she told me it was on the Arthur movie Arthur's Tooth. Nice. Everything I know I learned from watching TV. I know her Dad is so proud.

Lily made an attempt to pull out the other top tooth on Sunday night. While she didn't have success, I thought her funny, sassy introduction was worth watching.

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Becky in Wyo said...

Hey, don't knock tv. There's some really quality programming these days, such as that infomercial on how to look like a goddess and still eat anything you want (not FDA approved), some lively entertainment watching people try to make a buck or two by eating gross slimey things, and that talk show that makes you feel pretty darn good about your life as you watch two inbred yokels duke it out over the paternity of kid number three. Ummm... never mind.