Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A 6-year-old's guide to decorating a Christmas tree

  1. Have your Mom put the tree together.
  2. Dance around the room and help occasionally with the fluffing.
  3. If the lights don't work, let your Dad fix them.
  4. If you don't have any ornaments, just let your favorite doll sit in the tree.

We had to buy a new Christmas tree this year because our other one is way too big for this little house. My sister Becky and cousin Katy braved the Black Friday sale at Walmart and pounced on a $25.00 doorbuster tree for me while I played the "tired pregnant lady" card and stayed home in bed. Thanks, girlies!

We (meaning the girls, Dan boycotted tree assembly duty this year) put the tree together on Sunday night. I spent at least 30 minutes bending and fluffing to make the tree look good. When I plugged the lights in, nothing happened. Instead of cussing, I just headed to the bathroom for yet another potty break and when I got back Dan had gotten them working. Amelia was chanting, "Daddy did it! Daddy did it!" Oh sure, I put the whole tree together and he gets all the credit!

This tree is the first pre-lit tree we've had and I gotta tell you- I ain't ever goin' back! It is SO nice not to string lights! Dan gave me a hard time for robbing the girls of that Christmas tradition, but I figure they'll have plenty of fun putting on the ornaments.

We planned to put the ornaments on for Family Home Evening on Monday, but upon further investigation we discovered that our Christmas box is still in my Mom's garage. (My Mom has this magnet on her fridge that says, "It's not an empty nest until all their stuff is moved out of your garage." Ha!) Thankfully the tree is pre-lit so at least we have lights, but the ornaments will have to wait until we go down for the family Christmas party on the 13th.

Tonight when I came home, I discovered Lily's favorite doll Ella burrowed into the branches. You gotta love the ingenuity of children.


Spymommy said...

I don't know if you remember that the tradition of the Christmas tree started in Germany. The kids weren't allowed to see the tree until Christmas Eve. In fact, while the dad distracted the kids on Christmas Eve, the mom decorated the tree and then it was "unveiled" for the children to see.

So, really, you are just keeping with German tradition - but you knew that!

The Queen Vee said...

I don't think I would put another thing on that tree. The doll kind of looks like baby Jesus, what more do you need?

eugie74 said...

Sueber! Check me out! I finally get how to navigate the blog world and even post comments! I miss you, too. Not that I'm resenting your move to BFE - how often did we get together while you lived here? - it's just knowing you're so far away that makes a psychological difference. Sigh. I can't believe you're due so soon... AND I love the tree :).

The Queen Vee said...

Sue, I need your snail mail address pronto. Hope you can help me out, please send via email. Thanks!

Becky in Wyo said...

I just love you so much. You're the best! And that's what I have to say on my FIRST comment on anyone's blog in six weeks! Yahoo!