Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good Trade

You know on Dances With Wolves when one of the Indians says to the White Guy, "Good Trade"? That's what we've been scoring here in Cokeville.

Dan has helped a local friend with a bunch of computer stuff, most recently helping him set up the computer management part of a windmill he just bought for his ranch, as well as helping with moving cows and such. The last time Dan was out there, they gave us a bunch of meat in appreciation for all the help. We have real fresh bacon, ham steaks, pork roasts, ground beef and beef roasts.

That's a serious chunk of change sitting in our freezer! We can't wait to try out the bacon, especially Lily.

The local grocery store recently changed ownership. Dan's office is just a couple doors down from Mindy's Market and he goes in there a couple times a day to grab a soda and what not. He's talked quite a bit with the new owners about the new improvements they're making. One day they mentioned that they were going to have a grand opening and Dan told them I could help them with a flyer. I went down to the store (a whole one minute drive) and snapped a few photos, then designed this flyer:

It was actually pretty fun doing the flyer and rather than pay me for the design and printing, we traded for store credit. Not only did we get a bunch of free groceries, but we got a waffle maker (which we've been missing ever since we moved from Mom's house- it's a necessity on "I don't wanna cook" nights), a big outdoor extension cord, and a jar of Redken Water Wax pomade (my hair product of choice). I was floored when I saw the Water Wax on the shelf- way to go Cokeville! Mindy is also a hairdresser, so she has the inside connection.

Lovin' this small town!


Spymommy said...

Ooh, you little graphic designer you! Way to go. Loved the flyer. Definitely a good trade for them!

Lori Gerten said...

I love the flyer. IT looks great!

Are there places in this world where they still do store credit? that is amazing!!!

Becky in Wyo said...

Projects are definitely more fun when they are voluntary.