Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movin' On Up

The big news is that we're moving! There's a buzz all around town (it doesn't take much to amuse us small town Wyoming folk!) and we're starting to pack boxes to move at the end of the month.

We've been looking for over a year for a bigger place to rent. In this town, and in this economy, there's not much to choose from and every time something became available, it just didn't meet our needs. Either it wasn't enough of an increase in size to make it worth the effort, or it was in an undesireable location, or it was bigger but not as nice on the inside as our current house.

The house we're moving into was built in 1895 and in the early 1900's it was called the Stoner Mansion. It's WAY too much house for us, but since we've been looking for so long, we didn't know when another house would come available and we have just reached our limit (in space and in patience) with our 800 sqft house.

So we're going from one of the smallest houses in town

to one of the biggest houses in town

It's a beautiful Victorian with 4 bedrooms, an office, a sunroom (SUPER excited about this one), a real dining room and plenty of room to have guests. There is lots of original woodwork, a dishwasher (BONUS!), even a second set of "servants" stairs leading from the basement to the kitchen.

To me, we might as well be moving to Downton Abbey.

:) :) :)


Gwen said...

Happy for you ! The new home looks wonderful. I didn't realize you had 3 kids ! in that small house. Wow, can you say cramped? Good luck to you all.

Tobi said...

Hooray for a bigger house! You need it badly! And you guys have sacrificed a lot. So LIVE IT UP!

Lori Gerten said...

Where is it?? I want to google map it so I can see it!! HOw exciting. I will call you today!

Sue said...

Pine Street. Just 3 houses down and across the street from Karla!

Manina said...

Yeah! I am excited for you guys. So are you renting or buying (I noticed a "for sale" sign outside. I can't wait to see pictures of the inside. Both Seth and I love the look of the older Victorian homes. How exciting!

Sue said...

Tobi, thanks for the props! We have been living frugally for so long, I hardly know what to do with all that excess. I'm sure I'll figure it out, though!

Manina, we are just renting. The owners bought another house in town and remodeled it and are moving there. They want to sell this house, but are happy to lease it for a year and catch their breath after the extensive remodeling project on the other house.

I will for sure post pictures when we're ready to move in!

Raluca said...

happy for you, Sue! enjoy it!!

Lois Ann said...

Speaking of Downton, are you the Upstairs crowd or the Downstairs crowd - or both ...LOL