Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random fun (and a little work)

Just some fun videos from the last month.

One morning for chores I busted out the ABBA Gold and told the kids we were gonna work it. Mack immediately ignored me and started playing Santa Ghost with his blanket from our friends the Wynns. Don't you love how Amelia enters the room and just can't resist shakin' her booty a little?

The funniest part was after about 6 songs Lily comes in and pauses iTunes and says, "OK Mama, I CANNOT handle this music anymore!" I was like, "C'mon baby, it's disco! You can really shake your booty to this" afterwhich I did a dance that was entirely inapproprate for a chubby 36 year old to perform in her living room.

Mack has invented a new game for himself which involves wasting a lot of soap and making a big mess in the bathroom. But his hands are sure clean.

On another morning I chose Jack Johnson's Curious George to do chores to. Amelia did a little mop dance and Mack conquered the wood chips. Warning: the vacuum is running so you may want to turn down the volume.

That's a glance into our everyday life. And an idea of how little space we have in our current living room!

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Raluca said...

oh, childhood, lost paradise!... back then we did'n need too much space, money or stuff to be happy.
your kids are adorable. look at them how happy they are!