Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4 Days to Go!

My oldest friend, Lori Gerlach Gerten, is coming to visit in just 4 days. (No, she's not 72, I've just known her for almost 20 years!) I am so excited! Lily is very excited, too, because Lori is bringing her daughter Gracie, age 3. Lily has been dying to meet her for the last 3 years.

Lori and I met in the 8th grade when we lived in Heidelberg, Germany. Here are a few of our finer moments:

Big bangs and photo booths. Has 1989 written all over it.

What the...? Sookie! 1990

Sweet 16, complete with zits and braces. 1991

After we both moved away from Germany we continued to visit in the summers through high school. We kept in touch sporadically through college and then when Lily was a baby, after not talking to Lori in 3 or 4 years, I got the urge to track her down. We had both changed and matured (I know, very hard to believe, but I guess it's all relative) but we were thrilled to find that we still liked each other and could talk for hours! We started planning a reunion and in 2004 I went to visit Lori in Minnesota. We had such an awesome time that we agreed then and there to visit each other every year. Lori came to Utah in 2005, hopefully some of you remember meeting her at Jane's house, right before Avelyn was born. Then last year I went back to Minnesota.

Each year I have made a scrapbook of our visit (yeah, still need to start the 2006 book!) Here are a few from 2004 and 2005:

There's nothing that can compare to a friendship that has lasted since your adolescence. All the history, all the inside jokes. Sookie, for example. This goes back to the New Kids On The Block days. It's the word for someone that is good looking. Or can be used in a sarcastic way, as in the scuba flipper picture above.

So Lori and Gracie are going to be here for the 4th of July and we really have to show them a good time! We're planning to go see the hot air balloons launch at sunrise, but I don't think my nerves can handle the parade (the parking, the crowds, the heat) so we'll come home and play in the sprinklers or something. Let's plan a BBQ for dinner here at my Mom's house. I thought it might be cool to put together some soldier packages like we did at our reunion 2 years ago. Very patriotic. Then when it gets dark we can do the white trash fireworks show in the street. Josh, did you mention something about Wyoming contraband?

I'm frantically trying to get all of my work done (editing, reprint orders, etc.) so I can be totally free to hang out while Lori and Gracie are here.

Ready, and go!


Josh and Jenn said...

a bbq sounds great! I love the pictures, you know you have self confidence when you are willing to share those with the world. I don't know if you have any idea about food assignments yet, but I'll make dessert!

Josh and Jenn said...

Hey, if your friend is into scrapbooking, maybe we should plan another scrapbook night. Also, I'm dying to go swimming at the scera pool in Orem, it looks like so much fun. But I'm too embarrased to go by myself. If you guys are looking for something to do, and you want to take your girls swimming, give me a call. Maybe Katy and Avy could come too. If you are too busy with your friend, maybe we could go another time. I think it's $2 0r $3 a person to get in.

Anonymous said...

Sookie!! I am so excited and can't wait. Remember this is the year to get new inside jokes because sookie is almost 20 years old. Hey, if you think I'm excited, you should see Grace!

Can't wait to see you and your family again.


Anonymous said...

I am so dang jealous, i wish that I had a best friend from my younger years... oh wait I do , I just happen to be related to her...I really should dig up some old photos of Chrissy and I and post them... yeah that would be funny!
I want to go scrapbooking and do a barbeque... I am so in, just tell me where and when!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have one more comment and I hope that it is taken in the best possible way... it looks like those braces really worked for both of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, by the way. time ok it with me before you put up those photos of us from our younger years. My. ..we were so sookie-ful!

Just kidding about asking me to put up the photos. I'm thrilled EVERYONE on planet earth can see me and you at our finest!!!!