Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello, Coolness

Well, I'm finally cool. Dan bought me an iPod shuffle and I have joined the modern music craze! Can you believe the size of this thing?

It holds up to 240 songs. We've sure come a long way since the walkman! My first download was some Indigo Girls and then Dan added a bunch of songs from his library: Johnny Cash, Blondie, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty. I still need to go through and edit what I do and don't want, add some songs from my CD collection, and then venture to the iTunes store and download some songs off the internet. I feel so cool! Lily is fascinated with the iPod "Aww, it's so cute!" She's a big fan of the "Baby iPod".

I took the iPod with me while we were driving around doing errands yesterday. I put a kid CD on the car stereo for Lily and then I hooked myself up to the iPod and rocked out! Remember how we used to make mix tapes in the old days? Well, this is the ultimate mix right at your fingertips! I love the small size, cool color, and smooth surface. As I was driving I kept running my thumb around the smooth circle control panel in new electronic bliss (yes, Bin, I only had one hand on the wheel- shocking I know!)

Now I just have to start wearing my iPod around with the ear buds constantly attached and I'll be as cool as all the teenagers! Speaking of teenagers, I did a photo shoot of the Young Women in my old ward a couple weeks ago. I miss them so much! They have grown in number from 13 to 20! It's a gaggle of girls!

Where's Waldo?

I miss the energy and spunk of all the girls and the friendship of the leaders Kris, Jeanette, Ranae, and Kim. Leaving the YW was the hardest thing about moving.

Speaking of callings, I have a new one and it's proof that God has a sense of humor. You may recall my post from May 6th where I talked about the sheer joy I felt when substituting Lily's primary class at church. Well, I should have known not to say anything because I got called into the bishop's office a couple Sundays ago to ask if I would serve in a new calling. Yep, you guessed it, I am now the proud teacher of Lily's CTR 5B class. I've managed to weasel out of teaching the first two weeks (I was sick one week and the girls were sick the next week.) But I'm going to have to dive in and brave the chit-lins. I'll have to consult with my doctor about upping my Prozac dosage.

Here's a funny for the day. I've emailed it to some of you, but I thought it was worth putting on the blog as well.


Kris said...

yay for the ipod! that is fun. and cute. love the pictures. I still miss yw too, and it has been over 2 years since I left them! Primary will be fun, I loved to be in there, especially for the singing, and also just to know what is going on since usually my kids can't remember what went on in Primary by the time we get home... of course now that I've been in nursery for a year and a half, Primary sounds like the height of spirituality and civility :)

Anonymous said...

your blogs rock and I appreciate your reference to the mix tapes. Ahh, sitting there and pushing pause and hold while you are trying to tape.

Also, I liked your reference to sookie in the other blog. SOOOOKIE!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay.. I must say that Ipods are the coolest ever.. and yes.. I too mostly bought the pink one becasue of the color not because it could hold more songs... all though that is a bonus! Welcome to the Pod People!

Christianna said...

So am I officially the only one without an iPod? I must jump on the bandwagon in order to maintain my social acceptance.

Becky in Wyo said...

I don't have an iPod, so I'm a rebel... no, I'm just cheap. When I got my Palm Pilot planner for Christmas, I made sure I got one that would play MP3 files, too, and then I broke it the headphone jack, and now I have to save up to buy another MP3 player. Now that I'm bringing in the dough, too, maybe I can get one soon. So here's the rebel/cheapskate part: figure out where you want to buy your songs from (Napster, iTunes, Wal-Mart is the cheapest I've found at 0.88 at piece), then buy the MP3 player that is compatible with that.