Friday, June 15, 2007

Po' Sicky

Is there anything more pitiful than a sick baby?

Amelia has had a nasty cold all week, complete with boogy nose, cough, and lots of whinies. She has had a couple colds before, but this is the first time she's had the endless runny nose. How can that much snot come from such a little body? It's an absolute circus trying to clean her nose out with the booger sucker. She kicks and flails and screams and I have to hold both of her arms down and brace her head with my forearm so she can't jerk her head and get poked in the brain! Learning how to blow your nose has to be one of the top 5 most important skills a kid learns! We (the 3 girls) have been sleeping down in the living room for the last three nights because I can prop Amelia up in the corner of the couch so she can breathe while she's sleeping. I've also been on the couch and Lily has made a bed on the floor so she can be by us.

Lily is going through this major leechy phase right now. She's having anxiety about being alone and she freaks out anytime I'm out of her sight. I thought the babies were the ones that were supposed to have separation anxiety! It started a couple weeks ago when we drove down to my friend Cami's to drop off some wedding CD's. I left the girls in the driveway with the AC running and just ran in to give Cami the discs. She was on the phone so I had to wait a minute and when I went back outside Lily was screaming bloody murder. Totally understandable. However, she started doing it in our own driveway when I had them buckled up and had to run back in the house to get something. Then it progressed to Lily screaming and crying when I went to the basement or garage to get something. I've tried to talk to her about what she's scared of and she says she's worried about strangers. That makes sense in Cami's driveway, but not when we're in our own house! The girl is neurotic.

Needless to say, I am feeling very clostrophobic this week. I've only been able to do the minorest of tasks because Amelia needs to be held almost constantly and Lily is glued to my hip much of the day. On Wednesday we went to preview the house for our Cox family reunion in July. I have tons of pictures and bedroom assignments and other miscellaneous information to post on the blog, but I just haven't had time and I probably won't until Sunday. So stay tuned.

Calgon, Take Me Away...

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Anonymous said...

Well my sassy cousin... All I have to say is... Be strong! I know that it is the most frustrating thing when your kid is acting a certain way that you don't agree with. (Um, like most of the time for some kids) But I am sure that she will get over it soon, Like I'm sure that when she is borrowing the car to go out to the movies with her friends in high school she might be over the clingy thing! Good Luck and Hang in there!