Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LLC (Lotsa Luscious Cash?)

Dan is now the president of Dan Richardson, LLC and while that means he has a limited liability corporation, I'm hoping it will mean more money for us! Not that I'm a greedy, materialistic girl, I just like the idea of getting out of debt!

In addition to his cool new name, Dan has a cool new office. Nice and spacious at approx. 100 square feet.
For you locals, it's located on State Street on the American Fork/Pleasant Grove border. Dan's had the office for about 2 weeks and it has made a world of difference in his ability to get things done. Working from home just wasn't cutting it. At the office he works on patents, corresponding with the law firm and draftsman via email, as well as studies for the patent bar exam. Soon he will start preparing for the LSAT, the graduate entrance exam for law school. Law school is still under debate, but he has to take the LSAT to even have the possibility of going to law school. A typical day involves a few hours at the office in the morning, then lunch (sometimes coming home- it's less than 10 minutes away), more work in the afternoon, followed by a bike ride at some point, and occasionally going back to the office after dinner. Today was a great example of the flexibility Dan has with his patent job and his office. He went in for about 4 hours in the morning, studying for the patent bar, then came home after lunchtime and took Lily to a movie (Surf's Up.) Then he went for a short road ride and went back up to work for another 4 hours in the evening to work on a patent. Flexible hours and a decent paycheck to boot! Sure beats the heck outta graduate school!


Kris said...

I hope the business goes well! Self employment does have its good points for sure. That's exciting.

Josh and Jenn said...

Hey, that's right by my house. Dan can come over any time he needs some lunch, we're only a block away. Except we're never home, that could be a problem!