Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank you, Frank and Joe

And thank you, Daddy, for finding the hook to reel Lily into reading.

Lily has loved books and having them read to her ever since she was very small. She started reading in 4-year-old preschool and she has always read at grade level, but it's always been a fight to get her to do her reading homework. More than anything, I think it has to do with her Daddy-inherited lack of attention span. She just can't be bothered with it for more than about five minutes. There has been copious amounts of nagging and nitpicking to get her to concentrate and read consistently ever since kindergarten. It had become a real downer for her and we were worried that she would never love reading.

So a few months ago Dan started reading a Hardy Boys book to her each night at bedtime. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! She was instantly hooked by the mystery and suspense and the serial nature of wanting to know what happens next. We read books 28, 29 and 30 with her in the fall, then gave her books 1-4 for Christmas. She is now officially addicted.

A couple nights ago I discovered Lily reading in her bed after the lights were out.

One of her Allred cousins (OK, let's be honest and just give the credit to Aunt Becky) gave her a book light for Christmas and I would have never guessed it would be such a big hit!

At first she would just use it for a couple minutes while she dinked around, arranging her dolls and stuffed animals after bedtime. But she has really started using it for reading in the last week or two. I even discovered her reading in the dark at 6:45am the morning after these pictures were taken!

I mean, really, who can resist Frank and Joe Hardy?

The beauty of it all is that it has really changed Lily's attitude about reading. She's no longer afraid of chapter books and she will now pick up picture books and read them to Mack (and occasionally Amelia who may or may not throw a fit about Biggie holding the book.) For her independent reading at home she has gotten hooked on the Magic Treehouse series and I get her a new one at the library each week when I take Amelia to story hour.

The Hardy Boys have become a great bonding time for Dan or I to spend with Lily each night. We're almost done with The House on the Cliff. Next up, The Secret of the Old Mill.

What books do your kids love?


The Dragonfly said...

Surely you've heard that we Carlsons were raised by a dad who used to read the Hardy Boys to us in his bed? We'd all get our thermals on, pile into the bed with every single family member, and dad would put on "The Hardy Boys Readin' Hat" and share the great mysteries with us. It was instant love. And I've been reading voraciously ever since. The brothers, not so much, but they've definitely come back around to reading as adults. Yay for Lily!

Pilch Construction said...

I feel like I'm missing out, I've never read The Hardy Boys. Good for Lily for reading, I love the pictures of her reading with her light. As for the post below, I've been working out with Jillian too and it's kicking my butt. But I'm pretty sure the only way to lose weight on it is to eat nothing but water and lettuce. Josh had been eating a high protein diet for the last couple of months and has had a lot if success. Although I don't think life's worth living if you can't have carbs! I think you look great already though in your cute, little workout outfit. I would love to look like that after one baby, let alone three!

Brian and Rebecca Nate said...

Kamille has always been into the Hannah Montana books, but they are just episodes that they wrote in a book. Pretty dull to me, but she likes them. Maybe we will have to try the Hardy Boys for her birthday and see if she likes them.

Sue said...

Becca, Kamille might also really like Nancy Drew. They're the same as the Hardy Boys but with a female heroine.

Erin said...

Hi Sue!
So fun hearing from you on my blog. What a sweet comment you left. I love that you have two girls and a little boy too! I'm sure our houses have a lot of the same stuff going on each day. :) I'm so glad to see you survived #3! I'm really nervous about it. Seeing pictures of your sweet little boy made me excited though. I love the post you just did about your daughter. What great pictures of her reading. Ellie is the same way - has a hard time staying focused and already complains about Kindergarten! I'll be looking into those books when she can read a little better for sure. So nice to meet you (through blog land). :)Have a great weekend!

The Donnells said...

I love the Hardy Boys, I even dressed up as one for "dress as your favorite book character day" in 4th grade. I think it was you that gave me the Ramona books, that I just loved and read each one just about 14 times. Sedona doesn't have the patience for books quite yet. We to get to about red fish blue fish, one fish... okay see you later. Her Grandpa got her a virtual reader that is a book that plays on the TV, still not really interested. All in good time I hope.

Apis Melliflora said...

To find one's reading niche: heaven.

Becky in Wyo said...

There is probably a book out there for everyone.

brooks wynn said...

Okay my husband, Mike read every single Hardy Boys book and every Nancy Drew as well. He bought the whole collection of both at Costco and we can't get any of our kids hooked on them, honestly they won't read them at all. They are gathering dust at my house, would you like to borrow them for Lily? Let me know I can send them with your Mom or the next time you come down. I'd love for somebody to enjoy them! Brooks