Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who is God?

This is what I KNOW about God:
  • He is the Father of our spirits. We are His literal sons and daughters.
  • His love for us goes far beyond what even human parents can fathom.
This is what I BELIEVE about God:
  • In order for us to truly be tested and prepare to be exalted, we must experience pain and suffering.
  • Heartache and tragedy are part of the human experience. God's plan designed it to be so. Not because He doesn't love us, but because we cannot progress without it.
  • Horrible things happen, that is the law of the universe. But God has the power to intervene at any time, in any situation.
  • God's action, whether in allowing natural consequences to occur or in intervening on behalf of His children, is based upon this question: "What course of action will best mold My child into the exalted being I know he or she can become?"
  • God's hand is in ALL things. It is up to us to seek understanding of His will and have faith that He is helping us to reach our greatest potential.

That is my simple testimony. I am praying hard for myself and many others to have strength to endure all trials with an eternal perspective, always asking, "What kind of person is God trying to help me become?"


The Queen Vee said...

My testimony too Sue, thanks for writing it for both of us.

Lois Ann said...

We have stake conference this morning and I will go with Carol Bramwell. I always seem to hear some great food for thought among the speakers. My testimony is similar to yours and I am thankful that you shared it.